News and Dates

On 31. march 2018 our Life+ Projekt has ended!


We have made a booklet, that describes the measures we have taken in the last few years. In addition to the text, a lot of photos show the whys and wherefores of our efforts.

The so-called „Laymans´s report“ comprises 32 pages (bilingual, 16 pages english and german each) and is available for free at the Biologische Station, Naturschutzzentrum Wesel.

Also, you can download a digital version (only english version).


An updated edition (2018) of the project flyer is also available.


In January 2018 the last Newsletter was released. All 8 editions of the „Orsoyer Rheinbogen News“ are available as Downloads.


We would like to thank the many persons, who supported us and who contributed to the success of our project!